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 AHHHHHHH the good times!

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PostSubject: AHHHHHHH the good times!    Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:43 pm

I remember... joining this clan from FinalPain Alpha and was banned within the first 5 mins. I remember the admins debating letting me stay and anything that I did wrong it would reflect onto Alpha. I remember Lilli, Ja's old GF. I remember the pregnant prank he did... I remember all the suicide threats he made aswell....
I remember Kalin, a good friend of mine I must say. I remember he got into a motorcycle accident and that was the last I heard of him. I remember asking axel what was he talking about to Ja... he responded,"when two people love each other very much they tend to do sexual actions." I reply,"WAS THAT SO HARD TO SAY, Ja?"
I remember the good times..and bad time. I remember getting kicked out of the chat box numerous amount of times... I remember when the 2 Shoey kids were here. OHhhh the hell they caused! But this was all a learning process.
I remember buying decks from JC... I remember moneyboi deleting all the coding for the forum and getting banned. Then later he was unbanned and moderator.
I remember blaster, fairy, draco, and a lot of other admins...
And then there is Xplosion72...
He was the hand that taught me a lot of which I know today. I mean, I learned a lot by everyone here... How to handle certain situations to start. But he gave me a second chance. He allowed me to feel some-what important on the forum.
I remember the reason why I left the forum then it later sank to the ocean about 1 month later. I left because Moneyboi called me homosexual because I was fucking being stupid and made another account and acted like a horny chick. Which, if I attempted today I would succeed (dunno if that is bad or good) but back then I was fucking STUPID. And when I went crying to Xplosion because I got butthurt over being called homosexual, he did the same. Now, today I would probably just laugh it off. But back then.... OHH MAN was I butthurt!
I remember making an account named Avalon and spoke in Dutch pretending I didn't speak English.. lets say I about got IP banned XD
ahh... the good times! And I hope I can be apart of another great forum with a lot of these great friends again...
Thank you guys...Thank you.. <3
One last time

Best of wishes,
The Uchiha Clan Slayer

p.s. I am actually tearing up right now...
p.p.s. the name b n d s 3 is censored and I named it the uchiha clan slayer.. AHH I REMEMBER THAT! good times!

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AHHHHHHH the good times!

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